The Thin Line Between Matter and Mind

Selected works by Marco Buonocore and Samuel Choisy

Marco Buonocore and Samuel Choisy take straight photographs on the streets of Toronto. They are two wanderers that bring back completely different views of the same city. One photographs the mundane aspects of urban life in an intimate way, while the other images the monumental, transforming people and places into icons of urbanity. At the soul of street photography, as is demonstrated in the work of Buonocore and Choisy, is an ability to use the matter of urban life to express preoccupations of the mind.

What these photographers share other than the street is that they both leave a mindspace in their images–a place where the viewer can enter into the photograph with their own ideas. Buonocore does this by leaving the occupants out of his images and letting the traces they make speak of human presence. Choisy does so by leaving us to question the reality and circumstances of his images. It is in this space, between objective and subjective where some things are said and others are left unsaid, that the ideas of the photographer and the ideas of the viewer can mingle across the surface of the image.

– Alice Dixon, curator

Exhibition essay published by Anchorless Press

Thin Line essay by A.Dixon.pdf

gallerywest, April 1–29, 2011

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